The Role of Pumpkin Seeds in Male Fertility

Research proves that pumpkin seeds are an excellent libido booster. They contain essential vitamins like, K, D, C, E and B. They also are famous for sex drive minerals like phosphorous, niacin, potassium and calcium.

Biology, however, explains that males and females must both closely be involved in the production of children. Fertility is not a procedure that only involves female. The male gender, as a whole, has an equivalent amount of contribution to reproduction as the female counterpart. In fact, the variation of each individual male’s contribution to generating offspring is even considered significantly greater than that of female. Male infertility is a multi-factorial disease resulting from the interaction between genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors and urogenital pathologies. In particular, endogenous and exogenous estrogenic substances and oxidative overload have been implicated in synergistic damage of male fertility.

A healthy detox for fertility in men is to eat protein-rich food for base body strength and to consume antioxidant-rich foods to fight free radical damage. Further, the zinc mineral is important for male reproductive health. This mineral is involved in sperm generation, testosterone metabolism and motility. Low zinc levels lower seminal volume and testosterone levels. Low zinc prostate levels have particularly been linked to prostate cancer. Your healthy diet should contain more zinc-rich food materials like seafood and fish (particularly shellfish, like oysters), seeds (caraway, pumpkin, sunflower), wheat germ, mushrooms, eggs, and nutritional yeast.

Pumpkin seeds are standard treatment for benign prostate enlargement. The oil in pumpkin seeds is a productive diuretic, but that does not fully explain their therapeutic effect on the prostate. The seeds also contain a strong concentration of phytochemicals called cucurbitacins, which in some studies have been shown to prevent a key chemical reaction in the condition — the transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. The delta 7 sterols may function even better for this. Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc and selenium, minerals that have been found to lower the risk of prostate cancer. The seeds also contain decent amounts of three gland shrinking amino acids: alanine, glycine, and glutamic acid.

For men with low testosterone levels, pumpkin seed oil may be able to enhance virility and is thought to be a remedy for infertility. An optimally functioning prostate gland not only produces and delivers semen, but it also a part of the biochemical and mechanical process involved in achieving an erection.