Coating Medical Devices For Safe Use In The Body

When it comes to surgical instruments and medical devices, there are definitely many regulations and guidelines that have to be met for them to be FDA approved. This is set to protect the patient from any wrongful accidents or mistakes that can be made. Regarding medical devices, parylene conformal coating provides the most protection for use in a patient’s body. Below, is a closer look at the coating, its properties and the different medical devices and instruments it is used on.

Parylene And Its Different Properties

As technology continues to make advancements, medical devices become more compact and smaller. Because of this parylene coating allows for optimal protection for patients needing a medical device or instrument inserted to a human body. Parylene is a thin polymer that is deposited by a vacuum on various objects at room temperature as a film. It is different from other coatings because it does not use additives that enhance its features. Such additives include solvents, plasticizers, catalysts and others. Parylene is biostable and biocompatible. It offers thermal stability, moisture, lubrication and a chemical barrier protection. Because it is regulated by the government, it is safe to be used within the body.

The Various Medical Devices And Instruments It Is Used On

This type of coating is used on many different instruments and medical devices. This includes pacemakers, stents, epidural probes, needles, mandrels, electrosurgical tools and so much more. The use of the parylene coating improves the lubrication of the medical device inserted in the body. It also provides electrical insulation where needed. The coating can adhere and cover any type of surface, regardless of sharp edges or points. This type of coating is favored for glass, plastics, metals, ceramics, silicone rubber and elastomers. Finally, the coating does not promote the growth of bacteria or any other harmful pathogens.

Guidelines and regulations are important and necessary, especially for the medical field. Any medical devices or instruments used in a person’s body must undergo a series of testing to make sure they are very safe and will not cause any harm once they are inserted during surgery.