CoolSculpting is One of the Best Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Techniques

Fat removal treatments that do not require surgery are in. One of the most-gentle non-surgical options is cryolipolysis. Local fatty areas are exposed to a cold shock, which should permanently destroy the fat cells and shape the body efficiently. The procedure and its effects are scientifically proven. How does this compare to other non-surgical fat reduction techniques?

What is CoolSculpting?

Cryolipolysis is based on the fact that fat cells are selectively very sensitive to cold. Substituting fatty tissue over a certain period of time from a specific cold-temperature range, they suffer permanent damage. As a result, the cells die in the following weeks and are then removed from the body’s lymphatic system and finally excreted.

Are there clinical studies or scientific studies proving the destructive effect of cold therapy?

Yes, of course. There have been studies and observational protocols which have also demonstrated the quantitative loss of fat structure by means of imaging measures such as ultrasound examinations during treatment. Incidentally, studies have also shown that fat metabolism does not suffer from the breakdown of fat cells. This means that it does not lead to an increase in fat levels or liver enzymes – just because the whole process dragged on for weeks and thereby the body is given sufficient opportunity to metabolize the fatty tissue.

Which problem areas or parts of the body can best be treated?

There is a whole range of possible uses here: the prime examples are, of course, the abdomen and hips, but also the back. Other treatment areas are the inside of the thighs, upper arms, but also as a new innovative development – the love handles. “Innovation” in this context means that there are specially developed applicators for each area of use or each body part depending on the manufacturer. These applicators, which are then ergonomically placed on the problem areas, break down fatty cells and let the body dispose of them in a natural way.

Men and women are treated equally. In principle, both sexes are very well suited for this type of treatment. A limitation in men are the love handles (hip fat); here, liposuction is the more effective measure.