How Genetic Testing Is Reshaping The Healthcare Industry

For years doctors relied on medical tests that were limited and only provided information regarding a person’s current health status. And while this type of testing is reliable, it does little to warn doctors of impending issues that may be hidden away in a person’s DNA. Pathway Genomics is changing the face of healthcare through the development of advanced testing procedures that identify precursors and allow a physician to create treatment plans that identify any current issues and those that may surface in the future.

Mental Health Screenings

Mental health is one of the most overlooked aspects of healthcare, and while some people will go through life with few symptoms, others receive a diagnosis at an early age. Detecting the presence of a mental health-related problem allows a person to understand themselves better and seek treatment that will alleviate symptoms. Without the use of DNA testing, a patient must rely on the expertise of a psychologist, and may never receive the help they need to live life to the fullest.

Cancer Detection and Monitoring

Despite recent advancements in the treatment of cancer, early detection is the best way to stop this devastating disease in its tracks. DNA testing now provides oncologists with the ability to identify possible cancer precursors early on and is an affordable and non-invasive way to monitor its progression. What was once considered impossible is now a reality as a result of the groundbreaking testing developed by Pathway Genomics.

Carrier Insight

Some families are more prone to disease and other health complications, and this is often a major deciding factor when a household decides to have children. Though a person may never receive a diagnosis personally, it is possible for them to be a carrier and pass on mutated gene sequences to their offspring. The use of carrier DNA testing will allow parents to determine what diseases they are at risk of passing on and will enable them to determine if the benefits of parenthood outweigh the risks.

The data stored within a person’s DNA is often full of valuable information that holds the key to future medical problems. Jim Plante and the team at Pathway Genomics are breaking the barriers of science and developing accurate and easy testing methods that allow a person to tackle health problems before they arise.