Why There Is a Growing Market for Autographed Football Sports Memorabilia

Americans love their football and many invest in Jerseys and hats that prove it. Some go even further and spend lifetimes collecting Autographed Football Sports Memorabilia. Signed helmets, jerseys, and footballs can provide links to happy memories. Memorabilia makes a great display for many. Perhaps the most common reason for collecting signed football mementos is their value. It is common for collectors to pay enormous prices for rare items.

Memorabilia Can Be a Link to the Past

Fans may collect signed football collectibles because they are links to important people and happy times in their lives. An autographed program or photo from a game attended by a favorite grandfather can be invaluable. Young boys often collect football cards and continue adding to their sets as adults. Football fans may buy autographed helmets and jerseys representing favorite players who are retiring. Many collectors connect with other fans, to reminisce about keepsakes.

Collecting Is Often a Source of Pride

Many hobbyists carefully buy and display signed football collectibles. They often take great pride in owning hard-to-find items, and rightfully so. Many spend enormous amounts of time, effort, and sometimes money to get rare items. Serious collectors tend to be very careful about the source of signed keepsakes. They search for sellers who guarantee the authenticity of their memorabilia. Collectors also invest in display cases and may create areas in their homes where visitors can enjoy viewing collectibles. Some include framed photos and newspapers commemorating great football moments.

Football Collectibles Have Tangible Value

Fans also buy signed football memorabilia as an investment. Older collectibles are especially sought after, which increases their value. In fact, almost anything that has great meaning to fans and was not created in abundance will probably be valuable. For instance, a collector paid $240,000 for a 1935 Chicago Bears Bronko Nagurski football card. The home Jersey won by Johnny Unitas sold for $118,230. Some items are expensive simply because a great athlete rarely autographed anything. When their signed keepsakes show up, there can be enough interested collectors to drive prices up.

Signed football keepsakes are popular among fans who enjoy revisiting great sports moments. Fans may collect mementos as a hobby and many consider signed memorabilia a great investment.