Benefits of Oral Surgery and Things to Watch For

There are several common interventions in oral surgery. While it is true that they all carry some risk, the benefits and quality of life that they give to the patient are enormous. Of course, they must always be carried out in approved dental clinics, with trained and experienced professionals.

Benefits of oral surgery

As for the benefits, the list is long. Depending on the reason for the surgery, the benefits obtained will vary from patient to patient. In the case of an extraction, when removing the tooth, the dentist will secure the necessary space to ensure optimal results. If an extraction is not carried out, the results obtained will be suboptimal.

When talking about wisdom teeth, the dentist will have a little more work since these teeth are in the back of the mouth. However, the results should still be the same. The main goal is to prevent damaging the area more than necessary.

If the reason for the removal of the tooth is the presence of decay, the benefits will be immediate, since the present infection will end. If the technique is not carried out, decay can “attack” the neighboring teeth, putting their integrity at risk. For this reason, it is vital to stop the progression immediately.


The first post-surgical step will be to bite a gauze, placed in the surgical area in question, for one hour approximately. This prevents excessive bleeding. Also, it is advisable to place a cold bag to minimize inflammation (in the general area on the cheek – not the actual site).

For the next few days, it is essential to keep the area clean to prevent possible infection. To do this, you should not smoke, perform vigorous actions (aggressive and excessive rinsing, for example), or consume irritants such as very hot or very cold food for at least the first 24 hours. In some cases, the dentist will prescribe an analgesic.

Despite how well the area is healing, it must be reviewed by the dentist who performed the surgery. If the dentist says the area is healing well after the first visit, he or she may tell the patient to only come in if they notice any problems. Contact or stop by Capital Oral and Facial Surgery Center for more details.