Avid Anglers Find Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing Almost Irresistible

Some anglers assume that the most exciting sport fishing can be found only in salt water. While it is true that ocean fish tend to be larger and more muscular than their freshwater brethren, there are some notable exceptions to this rule.

In fact, there are a handful of freshwater fish that regularly grow to sizes that make most marine, piscine creatures seem insignificant. As this resource from Johnny’s Sport Fishing makes clear, there is no need to head out on the ocean to enjoy some of the grandest and most memorable fishing.

An Especially Interesting type of Freshwater Sport Fishing

When it comes to sheer size and power, there is no match to be found in North America for the white sturgeon. A close relative of the beluga that produces the famed caviar, the white sturgeon can easily grow to truly monstrous sizes.

Many sturgeons found in rivers in British Columbia stretch to over five feet in length. Sturgeon that size can weigh seventy pounds or more and will often have taken twenty years or more to grow so large.

With white sturgeon of that stature being quite common in British Columbian rivers, the appeal of the province for anglers should be clear. In fact, far larger fish can be hooked, fought, and caught in certain especially hospitable places.

Gigantic Sturgeon Lurk in British Columbia’s Rivers

Giant catfish found all over the world can weigh five hundred pounds or more. The largest of several such species rank among the most massive freshwater fish ever caught using a rod and reel.

In practice, such fish pale in comparison to world record white sturgeon. Although it takes many decades, sturgeon that meet with favorable conditions can grow to up to twenty feet in length. Fish of that mind-boggling size generally weigh at least fifteen hundred pounds and often quite a bit more.

All throughout the vast middle ground between everyday white sturgeon catches and such monsters are many more fish worth seeking out. Anglers who descend on places like the Fraser River in British Columbia can count on enjoying anything from many relatively routine catches to unforgettable battles with truly massive sturgeon.