A Magician at Our Reception

I wanted my wedding reception to be different than the ones I had been to in the last couple of years. Though I would never say anything to the ones who had invited me to the six different wedding receptions I had been to, I was quite bored at each one. They all had bands playing current music at each, but it was just like any night that we might go out and hit the town. I wanted something unique at my wedding, and I found it at https://nebmagic.com when I did a search for unique wedding reception ideas.

I had never heard of a magic act being at a wedding reception, and I honestly was not sure how it would play out. I was able to read about what he does though from people who left reviews. Some were reviews of birthday parties, and others were corporate parties. I was really happy to see that there were quite a few brides and grooms though who had him at their wedding reception. I focused just on those reviews, and I knew within reading just a handful of them that I was going to book him.

Thankfully, my wedding was not going to be for nearly a year because of work commitments of my fiance. Because it was so far out, we were able to secure the date easily. Those months flew and before I knew it, it was time to get married. The highlight of the day for our guests was the magician at the reception. He mingled with everyone, performing amazing tricks to small groups all evening. His charismatic personality had people following him around because he did not repeat tricks unless he was asked to. The reception was a huge success, and I know it is because of the magician that we brought in.