Using Child-Friendly Substances on a Lawn to Keep the Grass Healthy

Residential property owners may admire a lush, green lawn as they take a morning walk around the block. On the other hand, they feel disheartened to see little signs on the lawn asking people to steer clear because it has been treated with insecticide. That obviously isn’t safe for children to play on or for the dog to run around in. The property owners want to find kid safe lawn care that is a friendlier option for their family.

Seeding the Lawn

First, seeding the lawn is no problem. All that must be done is to fill a seed spreader with the desired product and distribute it evenly all over the existing grass, or just in places that have become thin.

Using the Right Fertilizer

Fertilizer is a different story because many of the commercial products include harsh chemicals that children shouldn’t be playing in. Organic material is effective, although it takes more time than commercial chemical fertilizers. It still has an adequate content of potassium and nitrogen, but not so high a level that there is any risk of burning the existing grass. The material may consist of a combination of microbial food sources for the plants along with numerous helpful microorganisms that are safe for humans, animals and beneficial insects.

Avoiding Toxic Weed and Bug Killers

Research indicates that certain chemical weed killers are connected with health hazards, some of them serious. Although some property owners resort to using them to eliminate tenacious invasive weeds, this generally isn’t land that people are supposed to be walking through or sitting on soon after an application. Toxic pesticides are avoided not only because of their potential harm to the family, guests and companion animals, but because the poison kills beneficial insects like bees and butterflies.

Putting some thought into child-safe strategies that help the lawn stay healthy and deter insects without toxic chemicals allows this family to avoid worrying about their youngsters and pets. They might search for a lawn care company that offers this service so they don’t have to devote a lot of time into learning about it and applying the recommended methods.