Making A Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Living at home as a child is a wonderful feeling. It is very comforting to know that one is safe and protected in their own home. However, that feeling goes away as they grow up and leave the home. Many kids choose to attend college after graduating from high school. These colleges often times requires the kids to move out and live in a dorm on campus. Although this can be a scary time in a young adult’s life, it is also a time of great changes and many opportunities that lie ahead. Nothing can replace a child’s room at home, but there are options that can make dorm bedding a bit more comfortable. For additional resources, read below of the various options to make a dorm room feel more like home.

What Dorm Bedding Entails

Although dorms usually provide the mattresses for beds, there are other items a college student should purchase to make their bed as comfortable as possible. One item that is recommended is buying a mattress pad. Often times, mattresses found in dorms are very firm and are of low quality. A mattress pad will give it some softness, as well as allowing the student to get the rest they need. A memory foam mattress pad is the type that is recommended.

Other Items To Purchase To Make The Dorm Feel And Look Like Home

Once the perspective student knows the details of the dimensions of the bed, a fitted sheet, a comforter, sheets and pillows can be purchased to give it more of a comfortable feel, as well as improving the look of the room. Cotton sheets are comfortable, durable, easy to wash and are very affordable. Flannel sheets provide warmth and are a nicer option than cotton. Finally, the higher the thread count, the better and more expensive the sheets will be.

When it comes to decorating a dorm room, there are many options one can consider to make it comfortable and a place that they can go back to at the end of a long day. Many of these options are very affordable and will last throughout their college years.