Planning for a Long Time

As my wife and I were planning our wedding, we looked at a wide range of wedding invites until we decided on the perfect one. We wanted something that was elegant, but simple. Something that was clean, but with a classy look that anyone could admire. Many of the designs that we looked at were too similar, but when we found one on a particular website, we knew that it was the perfect one for our invitations.

Once the invitations were out of the way, there were other things that we had to take care of for the wedding. I did not like shopping for the cake, because the cakes had the same problem as the invitations. Many of the cakes had looks that were too similar to each other, so it was hard telling them apart or even choosing one that would be a good fit for the wedding. I was almost at the point where I thought I could make my own wedding cake and have it be cheaper than buying one and it would probably look better. Continue reading